How Popular Is Vinyl Flooring In Stroudsburg And Across The Rest Of The World?

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If you are someone who supplies hardwood floors or is in the interior design business, you would probably be aware of the reaction homeowners have as soon as they hear the price of original and authentic hardwood flooring. Most people feel so baffled by the price that they immediately think of switching to vinyl flooring. Vinyl floorings are mock-ups of hardwood floorings. The latter resembles the former so much that it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to differentiate between the two. However, vinyl floorings cost significantly less than authentic hardwood floors made of teak, ebony, etc. vinyl flooring in Stroudsburg and other places is so popular that many people often opt for the same hardwood flooring is an extremely rare sight.

What are some things you need to know about vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made from a synthetic plastic-like material, which is known as polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC). This PVC is heated at high temperatures and then subjected to high pressure and then made into thin sheets. It is these thin sheets, that act as tiles, vinyl floorings, etc. Mainly there exist, three types of vinyl, overall. They are

  • Vinyl no wax finish
  • Urethane finish
  • Enhanced urethane finish.

Each of these has its own specialties and features. What homeowners choose to be added to their homes depends upon a plethora of factors. While it is true, that in terms of cost, vinyl flooring is the best option out there. It is vinyl only that is not only extremely affordable to buy and install, but it is also these vinyl floorings only that require little to no maintenance and are also extremely durable, which means that the chances of them getting ruined are very little.

Homeowners choose vinyl for a plethora of reasons other than just, its extreme affordability. Vinyl floorings and tiles make up to be an excellent choice for bathrooms and floors, especially if you have young kids and toddlers in your home. However, these factors which make vinyl so desirable, also make it to be extremely cheap, and hence vinyl is not considered to be a symbol of class and wealth, but rather a poor man’s installation

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