Good reasons to build a fireplace with faux stone

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A fireplace frequently serves as the focal point of a house where family and friends assemble to unwind and chat. It seems to personify convenience and elegance, friendliness and attractiveness. However, a genuine stone fireplace is not a realistic option for many homes. In addition to the exorbitant cost of the stone itself, the weight of the mantelpiece, the surround, and the hearth typically requires seriously reinforcing the floor or placing the firebox and chimney in an outer wall above a solid foundation.

Thankfully, there is still a choice. Many of the benefits of natural stone are still there in manufactured stone from a reputable provider, but none of the disadvantages.

Accurately replicates the look of natural stone:

Quality-made stone, often known as artificial stone or faux stone, expertly mimics the appearance and feel of real stone, whether it is the rough-hewn appearance of fieldstone or the delicate contours of stream stone.

The formulation of cement, natural aggregates, and carefully chosen colors were used in painstakingly detailed molds modeled like natural stone to create this astounding achievement. The outcome is a final product that is essentially identical to the original.

Light in weight:

Natural stone normally weighs more than twice as much as a manufactured stone; it weighs around two-thirds as much as faux and less than a quarter of the weight of the full-block natural stone. This reduces the need for pricey structural strengthening and results in significant labor and shipping cost savings.

Simple to install:

The faux stone electric fireplace can be successfully installed by weekend handymen with a little forethought and attention to detail because of its lightweight and practical sizes and forms. Simple instructions from the vendor must be followed, and standard safety precautions must be taken.

Many of the heavy-duty power tools frequently needed when working with natural stone are not necessary, aside from possibly a circular saw with a masonry blade for cutting stones to size. Tools for manual masonry work are adequate.

Long-lasting and low-maintenance:

The life expectancy of artificial stone is not constrained by the 50-year warranty offered by reputable producers.

Even on exposed outside walls, the high-quality manufactured stone may be counted on to endure far longer when installed properly. Manufactured stone faux within a house, on a fireplace, for instance, ought to last for many generations. Thus, the above are few good reasons that one could consider choosing manufactured stone instead of natural stone.

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