Disposable electronic cigarettes or disposable pod systems, what is it?

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Disposable electronic cigarettes are vape devices with non-replaceable cartridges and cannot be refilled. A disposable cigarette has a compact size and a built-in battery that cannot be recharged after being completely discharged, as it is not a battery. Due to this arrangement of components, it turns out that disposable electronic cigarettes, the price of which does not exceed the cost of ordinary liquid, become possible. There are many pod devices online canada.

As a rule, such cigarettes are filled with liquid based on propylene glycol and glycerin with the addition of flavourings. Disposable electronic cigarettes without nicotine are refilled at the factory – with a liquid that does not contain nicotine, and disposable with nicotine with a liquid containing organic nicotine.

Disposable pod systems are the same disposable electronic cigarettes, with the same layout of elements, but they are filled with salt-based liquid, this is the main difference in these concepts. As a rule, the nicotine content in disposable pod systems is 5%. The volume of the disposable pod cartridge ranges from 0.7 ml to 6 ml, depending on the manufacturer and model. For comparison, 1 ml of the such liquid equals approximately 25 cigarettes.

The advantage of disposable vapes:

  • compactness
  • Price, for little money you have the opportunity to try to switch from smoking to vaping
  • No charging
  • Disposable cigarette flavours
  • The variety of tastes in such devices is very large, from tobacco flavours to berry, fruit and mint flavours. Both with a pleasant chill and without it. The choice here is very large, it all depends on your preferences.

Disposable electronic cigarette device

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The disposable e-cigarette is a monolithic design in which the atomizer and mini-flask are one piece. The disposable electronic cigarette also includes a small-capacity lithium-ion battery and a filter. No particularly difficult to manufacture and expensive parts – this is precisely what explains the affordable cost of devices. The resource of all components of the structure ends approximately at the same time, after which the device completely becomes unusable and must be disposed of. So refilling a disposable electronic cigarette will not work again, even if you want to.

Disposable electronic cigarette working principle

Single-shot vapes use the same liquid as other types of vaping devices, which consists of several fairly harmless elements:

  • distilled water;
  • Glycerin;
  • propylene glycol;
  • Nicotine
  • Flavourings

Thanks to this feature, any avid vaper can switch to another type of device and not lose their favourite e-liquid flavours. Mostly in e-cigarettes, the so-called salt nicotine is used at a time, which is instantly absorbed into the body and does not cause a sore throat, as usual. At the same time, you need to be more careful with salt steaming, because such a liquid is not intended for non-stop use. As is the case with other e-cigarettes, these designs can also be with nicotine-free liquid.

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