Driving Tips For Used Cars For Beginners

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If you are a new learner who is learning to drive a used cars in montclair then you should be extra cautious. This is important for the safety of the driver as well as those who are on the road. When you are behind the wheel then you should keep these simple rules in mind.

Driving rules for newbies:

Know your car: Before you begin you should get to know about your car’s basic. This will make you comfortable with the vehicle. You should understand the working of the clutch, gear, and other facts like not to lower the gear when you are driving at a high speed. Also, you should let the car stop before you reverse.

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Correct the seating position: the second thing to consider is the seating position. Sitting in the wrong way can reduce control and comfort and increase the chances of accidents. Try to sit straight with buttocks and back cupped according to the seat design to avoid back injuries. You can change the driving seat or customize it to make it comfortable and get a complete view of the surroundings.

Prevent distractions: while driving you should be attentive and adjust the mirrors, keep the seatbelt on and follow the driving rules properly. Avoid distractions such as phones, eating, or music. Do not drink and drive.

Adjust your driving seat according to the pedals: seat position is very important and so it should be adjusted according to the pedals. When you push the brakes completely with one foot and then depress the clutch. While doing this the knees should be bent at around 120 degrees.

Position of the steering wheel: there is no rule of holding the steering wheel correctly. It depends on the individual to get complete control of the wheel. For new drivers, it is good to choose the 2 o clock or 10 o clock positions. This will give you better control of the wheel to turn your vehicle.

Apart from these you should keep a check on your speed and maintain a proper distance from surrounding vehicles to avoid accidents.

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