Maintain your carpet well and make it safe from bacteria

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You can do many things to keep your rug clean and maintain it properly. But rug cleaning is really important and you have made it done at least once per year. You can do regular cleaning to maintain it and increase its durability. You can do many things to keep it in better condition and this will help you to prevent stains. The life span of the rug depends upon the type of rug you are using. And with a different type of rug, you have to perform accordingly like for some you have to perform a higher level of maintenance to keep them in a better condition.

You can do the vacuuming very often

This is clear that when you do vacuuming on the daily basis then there will be fewer chances that dirt and dust will be there. And this step is the simplest way and effective way you could do to get your rug better. By this, you can remove dust, dirt, and debris easily.

Treat the spillages at that point in time only

As soon you can clear the stains or marks it will be best for your rug and will be maintained. Whenever you get urine stain on the rug you should clean that at that point in time only so that it will not stay. By using a white cloth you can blot the area which is affected by don’t rub it and then it will be absorbed. And if the stain stays there then go for professional rug cleaning.

Proper protection treatment

A fiber treatment for a rug is introduced for stain prevention by forming a protective layer on it. This allows you to blot up the stain at that point in time and before it stays and become a stain. This is really effective for stains so be sure before getting rugs you should ask for protection treatment whenever you buy. And also when you have asked for a professional cleaning don’t forget to ask this and see services here. Do these things and your rug will be less dirty.

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