E-Cigarette Pot: A flavourful consumption of nicotine and dopamine!

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People have different ways of dealing with stress, trauma, and all the negativity that may have been causing their mental health to deteriorate with time when they start bottling up the things instead of sharing them with other people who may help them.

The bottling up of feelings such as these introduces an individual to a whole new set of problems that affect his or her mental health severely for which, smoking is one of the most preferred solutions that people look up to as a way out.

Why do people prefer vaping pot and using e-cigarettes over smoking regular cigarettes?

For years now smoking has been transformed into other ways of inhaling and consumption of nicotine, such as vaping e-cigarettes instead of regular, combustible cigarettes. The process of vaping releases aerosol by burning the nicotine in the liquid that is used in e-cigarette Pot and vape pens.

This results in the triggering of the chemical release in the brain known as dopamine which is responsible for the brain feeling positive, and that is what majorly contributes to the addiction to smoking or vaping.


There are various flavors of e-cigarette พอต i.e pot that is available in the market and on online websites according to varying price ranges. Even though vaping and smoking have a similar downside in longtime abusers, vaping is still considered to be lesser harmful than smoking regular combustible cigarettes.

The vaping พอต i.e pot containing flavored nicotine and other chemical components can be purchased from anywhere easily and offers a larger and wider taste and flavor range for the consumers. There are various flavors such as spice or cinnamon, mint, menthol, citrus peels, etc. which are most commonly used to enhance the taste of the พอต i.e pot that is being inhaled using the e-cigarettes.

The people who vape พอต can enjoy the different shades and tastes of flavourful pot that are available in the market or online websites for very cheap in bulk but the consumers of e-cigarette pots and vape should keep the adverse health effects and risks under consideration at all times. The after-effects of smoking pot on a regular can be harmful and even lead to loss of life, or organ failure if done for a very longterm.

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