Tips to Create the Empathy Map Easily with Online Resource

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End-users are most important in any business, and customer satisfaction is the major factor for a successful business. And hence, every businessperson needs to know about the user’s needs to enhance their organization. The empathy map is to understand the users and how the product you developed in business is helpful in problem-solving for the target end-users. It an efficient presentation tool that is much useful to identify the customer environment in the tasks like customer segments, elaboration of user personas, capturing the customer interview during the interview, and building the user story. You can use this map after the customer interview, and before the creation of characters and statements, as it helps to identify what the user thinks and feels about the product or service.

The procedure to download empathy map is simple, and it requires a better understanding of the team, customers, reconsidering the customer needs, and designing the products which suit best for the customers. It is easy to create the empathy map using the powerful tools and template available online, which helps to draw anything fast, collaborates with real-time, supports exports and sharing, and Visio imports.

While creating the empathy map, you can split it into different segments which includes users’ feel, think, doings, say, gains, and pains about the product. Once you create the map by identifying all the information and create the theme, which helps to find the key pain areas that require more focus and attention. It aids in removing the bias in the design, discovers weaknesses, gives a way to understand the user needs, and guides the team towards meaningful innovation.

Before the empathy session,

  • Define the major goal for the empathy mapping.
  • Do research by gathering information from real data, interviews, surveys, and user diaries.
  • Create a skillful core team to work on it and don’t do it as an individual.
  • Better planning of session and arrange all the materials before 15 minutes of the session.
  • To brainstorm the team, invite an experienced moderator to conduct the work session.

During the session,

  • Do the one-to-one mapping to create valuable insight.
  • Create the context with a clear understanding of the subject.
  • Fill in the basic information in the persona.
  • Give more encouragement to the team to elaborate their thoughts.
  • Organize all the data and summarize the result.

After the session,

  • You can use the empathy map created in the working session as a reference.
  • Turn them as a poster and hang them in many places in the office to make the team motivated.

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