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We see the increasing interest of our readers in reliable information sources about Internet scams. We are not talking about HYIP reviews, and there are hundreds of them on the market already. There are some valuable tools to detect HYIPs, but it’s tough for an average person to get profitably involved in investment activities without any additional help.

It is no secret that scam sites usually pay newbies or ordinary visitors for referral links to get more traffic and signups. They inspire people to click for their own sake and show quick high paying results just because they don’t want users to lose money too quickly and give up that way. When you join a project, you can expect serious interest from scammers who will try everything to deceive you.

HYIPs do not have any regulations on the market, so new users are always at risk of being cheated. Even reviews of investment projects are sometimes paid for. Site owners hire big budgets to make their thoughts look more convincing and attractive for readers.

Welcome to the fight against the HYIP fraud! Here is where you can find honest reviews about reliable HYIP programs with high-paying rates. All our reviews are created by real people who used them first-hand and had good or bad experiences with these companies. Our site does not contain referral links or other types of misleading info that might show up on other websites devoted to this topic. We give all useful information in short form without unnecessary details, leaving users free to use it the way they need. We are not trying to promote our site with fake reviews but publish quality content you can trust.

High Yield Investment Programs

Our team is constantly working. Every day, we check dozens of new projects and add them to accurate HYIP blacklist or review list where users can find correct information about an investment company before getting involved in it. There are no sure deals on the market, so please be careful when making financial decisions. If you want to receive up-to-date alerts about new scams, just subscribe to the newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

As a result, many newcomers get their first unpleasant experience with such a website, and that is precisely what scammers need to attract more victims into their traps. That’s why we created this site for you to find the correct information about every HYIP company.

You will find all types of HYIP reviews here, including information about Ponzis (fraudulent investment projects) and closed programs that are no longer operating on the market. We update our blacklist daily to make it as correct as possible. You can use this list as a reference guide to help you to protect yourself against scam attempts. We monitor all scams listed here permanently because we don’t want our readers to lose their money under any circumstances. So if you plan to join an opportunity that seems suspicious looking at our blacklist, please think twice before making any further steps.

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