How to Implement Video Marketing in Marketing Strategy?

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Video has transformed the way businesses market and consumers shop, it has also revolutionized the way marketers connect and convert leads. Thus, video helps you connect with your audience. Video is the bridge that connects what you say with who you are, allowing customers to look behind the curtain and learn about your brand.To develop your video marketing strategy with SVG tool, we recommend:

Have Something to Say

This may seem obvious, but having something to say is just as important as how you say it. If you are only going to advertise your products and their benefits, you will not be able to capture the attention of many people.

Engage Your Audience

It is not enough to simply tell your stories; you must engage your audience while doing it. What will hook your audience?

Say What You Want to Say in The Shortest Time Possible

The shorter it is, the better. Be ruthless with your edit. There is so much content in this world that people’s attention is short, so make the most of every second.

Assign A Budget

You will need to designate a budget for the video. Specialized video creation team, good editing software like SVG tool should be creative.


Your videos must be present on all your channels, promote that content as much as you can.


Track metrics and statistics to determine which videos are the best and which ones work best for your audience.

Why Is It Important to Your Brand?

Currently, video consumption has grown immensely. According to an IAB study, Mexico is the third most important video consumer market in the world. In Latin America, video consumption growth has grown so much that it even surpasses 100% of consumption in other countries.

That same IAB study ensures that in February 2016 a total of 28,405 million minutes were consumed, which represents almost 18 hours of video per user per month.

These are just numbers that demonstrate the rapid growth of online video consumption.

Final Words

Additionally, video is an SEO gold mine, helping to create backlinks to your site, increase interactions, and drive traffic to your site. We leave you some statistics to convince you of the importance of implementing video in your marketing strategy.

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