The Three Things That Movie Quote Sites That You Should Avoid

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Even if no one will tell you, 2020 has been one of the worst things that has ever happened to mankind. If there was only a chance to skip 1010 like hibernate and wake up January 1st 2021. But that isn’t the case because there is what you call as reality and when you just start sleeping you wake up immediately. So if you plan to get through 2020, you need to do better than just handing in your house being afraid of COVID 19.

Do you remember when you were still in high school and you were a sucker for movie quotes? In today’s age, it’s not cheesy and there are so many movies nowadays that you can use as a reference. If you plan to get inspired and lift up your spirit, maybe you need some quotes, but with so many sites that are out there offering and promising to give you some pretty good quotes, there are a few issues with regard to that.

Its always out of order: Do you know what sucks about quote sites? Its always not in order/. Like nobody cares if it’s out of order or not as long as some random quotes get stuffed in there along with a ton of ads and as long as it’s seen in Google. If you love looking into quotes make sure that you find a site that offers some really good ones and really bothers to make sure that it’s all in order. For the best top 100 movie quotes, visit the link.

Not all compiled some really good ones: Quotes are one-liner. But not just some one-liners, but something that people will remember. So it shouldn’t be something random. It should be something that people can remember for a long time like for the rest of their lives. And sadly not all websites that offer quotes aren’t that good when it comes to selections. Why? Because they don’t care about any of that.


What do they care about? For the most part, it’s all about money. Why do you think there are a ton of pop up when you visit the quote site and a ton of ads on every corner. It’s easy to build content on quote sites because the contents are already there. The things that you need, you can easily reference existing movies so making money out of it is really easy, especially for people that are a sucker for movie quotes. Makes sense right?

With so many wrongs that are happening in a year, people are calling 2020 the “hands down” the worst year ever. All the bad things that happen in another year can’t compare to what 20202 has done and the worst part is, it’s still not over. It still has 4 months left. YOu can even say that the “wake me up when September ends” from Greenday became overrated years ago is going to make a comeback this September 2020. If you want to survive 2020, a song and chilling in your house doesn’t cut it. You need additional inspiration and that is where movie quotes come into the picture.

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