PUBG or Fortnite Battle Ground – which one you should choose?

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With more than 5 million concurrent players that are playing these two games, it is a known fact that these two games are wildly successful. They are mind-blowing games currently. But if you want to choose between the two, it is a difficult question which one you should choose to play?

Here we bring to you reviews of both the games and the differences between them. The game Fortnite Battle Royale was created in two months and was launched by Epic Games. The first game mode of Save the World was a clear imitation of PUBG and you can choose rare Fortnite accounts for sale to master this game.

These games share some common fundamentals but there are constant updates in the Fortnite game and so it has become a lot more fast-paced and experimental game. In the game of Fortnite, you can put up floors, walls, ramps, and ceilings quite easily like aiming and then shooting a rifle.

Players are allowed to smash bricks, trees, and metal using their pickaxe and build complex skyscrapers or set walls as their mobile cover. You need to know the art of good aiming to win the Fortnite game. It is far beyond a shooting game and has a comic touch to it also. It is a free to play game and an arcade shooter game.

In this game, the concept is the same that 100 players are landing on an island and competing with one another. But as compared to PUBG the game is still small. Here in Fortnite game players land on the island in a party bus that is suspended using a balloon. Players are allowed to jump out of the bus at any location across the map on the island.

After they land they will have to look out for shield potions, weapons, building resources, and health items quickly. After some time there is a storm shown by a huge circle on the map that tightens the section of the map. The map tightens after every few minutes.

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