Make your turtle stay healthy and happy

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Turtle is one of the popular pet and it is a good start for someone who has never handled the reptiles. Children and adults like to play with turtle because they are very much interactive. They are said to be the best companion and if you prepared for the commitment then they would live with you for many years. To make a turtle healthy provide a proper turtle food depending on the turtle species. By following the below points you can make your turtle live happily with you for long years.

Feed with proper foods:

Start with a very little amount of food and see how they eat, then increase the amount gradually. You can put an insect on the land surface and provide them with a commercial turtle food like pellets, chunks, they are made with balanced nutrition which makes the turtle keep healthy. You can feed them by mixing calcium powder with the foods. Remove all the foods which are leftover in the tank.

Handle with care:

take care of your pet turtle

Many likes to pick up the turtle and play with them. But you should handle it properly, use both hands. Lift turtle by holding the front and back of the legs. Do not turn turtles quickly, if your turn side to side then organs may be twisted and it gives stress to your turtle. Always carry a turtle close to the ground, so it would not fall. The movements you are carrying with a turtle must be very slow. Tapping the shells stress your turtle and even cause injury to a little one. Wash your hand before and after contact with a turtle.

Clean turtle:          

When your turtle is shedding dead skin and if you found algae, then it is necessary to bathe your turtle. You must use a separate plastic tub for cleaning turtle. Turtle carry salmonella so do not clean them in your kitchen sink or bathroom. Shells of the turtle are so sensitive and so clean them with a gentle touch by using a soft toothbrush. If you need to use soap then discuss with turtle veterinarian specialist.

It is also important to clean the tank, take everything outside from it. Do not allow any foods or plant should stay because they are harmful to your turtle. After removing all you should pour the water only in the toilet, and all the cleaning material should be kept separately.

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